What you should post on Facebook

To pick up where I left off in my last article, this week I am going to focus on things that you should post on Facebook:

Photos that you take- let’s get back to the roots of Facebook. Try posting only photos that you take. These can include vacation photos (only when you return), photos of events that you attend, photos of your family, pets, and yummy looking food. This will keep all of your friend’s newsfeeds fresh and original.

Positive Posts- Nobody wants to hear about your bad day. But everyone would love to hear about something good that happened to you. Good examples are a new job, someone doing a good deed, getting a new pet, or your kid’s achievements. Keep your posts light and happy. Doing so will brighten the day of everyone who reads it.

Recipes- Posting recipes are fun. I do have a few stipulations though. You can only post recipes that you have tested and approved. And if you share a recipe on my timeline, I expect a sample within 24 hours.

Memories- Everyday Facebook shares a memory from a few years ago. Feel free to share these. It’s fun to relive these moments. Sometimes, it helps to revisit the past to help deal with the present.

Original Observations- It’s fun to read someone’s original thoughts on something that happened to them that day. You would be surprised what you can learn from people that you barely know, just from a simple comment.

Positive Reviews of a local business- New businesses are popping up every day.  If you had a positive experience, post a nice comment about that business. Thanks to posts like this, I have been introduced to many new businesses that I would not have normally gone to.

Now that you know the rules, let’s work together to keep Facebook fresh and original. You will appreciate all of the positivity that will come your way.

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