The low down on thew new iPhones

For a tech guy like me, this time of year is as exciting as Christmas. For those of you who don’t know, this is the week that Apple releases the new family of iPhone. This year Apple is treating it a little different. Instead of releasing all the phones is September, we get two this week, and one in October.

The two coming out this Friday are the iPhone XS (say it like tennis, not excess) and the iPhone XS Max. The XS is the new version of last year’s anniversary phone, the iPhone X. It’s the same size, with an improved Super Retina OLED display, and all new improved inner parts. The XS Max is the big brother of the XS, it’s screen at 6.5 inches is the largest screen that Apple has ever offered. Both of these phones feature the all-new speedy-fast A-12 Bionic chip. Apple claims that is faster at everything including videos, gaming, and facial recognition. Both phones also feature better cameras. Compared to last year’s iPhone 8, the camera specs are fairly close, but a little better in about every category.  The XS starts at $999, with the XS Max starting at $1099.  The Phone coming out in October is the Xr. This phone is supposed to give the consumer the feeling of the new fancy phones without the sticker shock. It’s a tad smaller than XS, without the fancy OLED display. Instead, it will have a new cheaper to make Liquid Retina display. The only thing you lose with this phone is the 3D touch. This phone starts at $749.

So, with the new phones this year, and last year’s iPhone 8’s, there are plenty of options to get a new phone with a great camera. If you want the most bang for your buck, it looks like October’s XR is the best choice. If you’re not quite ready to give up your home button you better stick to one of the 8’s. If you’re like me and have to have the latest and greatest, go with one of the phones in the XS family. I personally pre-ordered the XS Max. I can’t wait to see how big and pretty the screen really is.

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