Texture- Netflix for magazines

In today’s world, there seems to be a subscription for everything. Netflix for Movies, Hulu for TV shows, and Spotify for music. Today, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite subscription services- Texture.

Texture has been called the Netflix of magazines. For a monthly fee, you will have access to over 200 digital magazines on either your smartphone or tablet. There are two subscription options: $9.99 a month will get you access to all the magazines Texture has to offer, minus the weekly magazines. If you want weekly magazines such as People, Sports Illustrated, and Time, then you will have to pay $14.99 a month. You can also take advantage of the free trial.  Both subscriptions allow you to share with 5 other devices. Once you download the app and pick a plan, you will see the covers of all of the magazines that are available to you. At first, it may seem overwhelming, but you can start adding your favorites to “Your Library” to make sifting through the titles easier.

If you are going on a trip, or somewhere without Wi-Fi access, you can download your magazines beforehand and read them offline. You can “clip” articles and save them for future reading.  You can also share whole pages via text or email right from the app. This comes in handy if you want to share a recipe with one of your contacts. It will even bookmark a page, so you can continue reading at a later time.  The magazines look great, especially on a tablet. The photos and text are sharp. The new magazines automatically appear in the app when they are available. Another nice feature is you can click on any one magazine and have instant access to all of the back issues for that year. The app also makes it really easy to delete magazines that you have already read to make room for new magazines. 

If you like to read magazines, this is the app for you. For the price, you simply can’t beat it.

Happy reading!

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