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Living in Northern Michigan weather plays a big role in our daily routines. We all know how accurate the local weather forecasters can be, so we must rely on weather apps on our phone to try to predict the next weather system. And sometimes these apps are not very accurate. On my phone alone, I use 4 weather apps. I go back and forth between The Weather Channel, Dark Sky, Weather Underground, and Weather Bug. After comparing the forecast of all four apps I usually have a pretty good idea what to expect.

Recently, I came upon a new weather app called “Hello Weather”. I know what you’re thinking “really, another weather app”, trust me on this one.  Not only does this app look great, but it is also the most functional weather app I have ever used. Like all weather apps, you can get hourly, daily, and weekly weather updates. You also get updates on wind, humidity, pressure, and sunrise and sunsets. You also have access to a lot of radar information. Not only do you get a map showing the traditional radar, you can also look at maps that show cloud cover, temperatures, winds, and weather watches and warnings. I know, you already have a weather app that does all that.

Now let me tell you the main reason you should check out his app. For a small fee, $4.99 a year, this app can switch what source it uses to get the information. With a tap of a button, you can tell the app to use The Weather Channel, Weather Underground, Dark Sky, Accuweather, or AerisWeathwer. It really is an amazing app. Also, the paid version uses no ads.  No longer do I have to switch between all my weather apps to try to figure out today’s weather. It is all there, in one app. I have since deleted all the other weather apps (most of them containing annoying ads) and haven’t looked back since. This app is available for Apple and Android.

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