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Scrolling through my recent Facebook news feed I became quickly frustrated with the amount of garbage people are posting. In my next two articles, I will explain the kind of content that you should not post and the kind of content you should post. First, let’s go over the type of things you should not post:

- Vacation photos. Feel free to post pics of your trip, just wait until AFTER you get home. It’s never a good idea to advertise that you are currently not at home.  

- “Share if you love your son/daughter”- These types of posts seem like a nice idea, but all they do is plague all of your friend’s newsfeeds with sappy junk.

- Other people’s photos- Don’t feel the need to share Bob’s photo of last night’s sunset. Doing so will fill everyone’s newsfeeds with the same photo numerous times.

- Chain type posts- if the post starts out with “share with 10 of friends”, don’t do it. Nobody wants to be a part of a meaningless chain.

- “Breaking News”- How many times have you got your latest news updates via a Facebook post? Chances are, you and everyone else has already been informed through more reliable sources of any late-breaking news.

- Spoilers of movies or TV shows- Some of us can’t watch “LIVE” television, or a movie the day it comes out. Please don’t share what happened on last night’s episode of “The Bachelor”, I want to be surprised.

- Pointless quizzes or surveys. If it starts out with something like “only 2% of people can answer all 10 questions”- don’t share. These are usually full of clickbait advertising. Nobody has time for that!

- Any memes that involve the following: Willy Wonka, Minions, Kermit the Frog, or that creepy girl with the burning house behind her. Enough already, we have all seen these thousands of times

       By following these simple tips, we can all enjoy a less-cluttered Facebook newsfeed. Tune in next week, and I’ll show you the kind of stuff you should post.

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