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It is most likely that somewhere in your bedroom you have a device that displays some sort of light. Without getting too scientific, it is a known fact that such lights can prevent you from falling asleep or even staying asleep. Tonight, before you go to bed, turn off the lights in your bedroom and take a look at all of the lights you see. Modems, routers, cable boxes, phone chargers the list goes on.

Researchers say that you should not look at your cell phone screen for an hour before you plan on falling asleep. How many of us actually do that? Most new smartphones have a feature that will dim your display during the sleeping hours so you can hopefully fall asleep quicker. On my iPhone, it is called “Night Shift”. Android phones have a lot more features such as “Adaptive Brightness” and “Ambient Display”. That’s why the dimming feature on your smartphone exists. It tricks your brain into thinking its bed time.

Now, how about all of those little lights on all of your other devices? There are a few things you can do to cover these lights at night. On Amazon, you can do a search for “blackout” stickers. These are stickers that come in various sizes that you simply peel and stick over each light that you would like to cover. I bought a set from a company called “MySpyBlocker” that cost around six dollars. These are great because they block the shine from the light, but you can still see the lights. These are important for chargers or routers when you need to see that status of a device. If you are a do it yourself -type person, you can cover the lights with a piece of Scotch tape, and then color over the light using a black a marker. You can also stick a piece of electrical tape to a sheet of wax paper. Then, you can use a hole puncher or scissors to cut out tiny pieces to cover your lights.

The one thing you don’t want to do is throw a piece of clothing over the device to cover the lights. Yes, you will cover the lights, but you will also cause your device to overheat and possibly start a fire.

These are all simple steps you can take to help you get a better night’s sleep. Let’s all start the new year off by blocking out these annoying lights. You will be refreshed and more alert than ever before!

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