AnyList-My new favorite app

As you learned last week, I am all about technology that makes my life easier. This week I am going to talk about one of my favorite apps- AnyList.

On the surface, AnyList is a very simple app that basically makes lists. You can make grocery lists, reminder lists, chore lists and basically any type of list you can think of. With the free version of AnyList, you can make lists and share lists with anyone you want. For example, you can create a shopping list and share with your spouse. That way, whoever ends up at the store has the most shopping list that was created. And when you delete things off your list, it also removes them from your spouse’s list. It really takes the guessing out of grocery shopping.

 If you want to take advantage of all that AnyList has to offer, then you will have to pay for one of their annual subscriptions ($7.99 for one user, or $11.99 for a family). My favorite feature of the paid app would be the recipe import feature. When you see a recipe online all you have to do is click the AnyList button (a browser extension) and AnyList will take that recipe and import it directly into AnyList. You can then edit the recipes and organize them to your liking.  You can also add all or some of the ingredients directly from the recipe to your shopping list. Another fun feature is adding pictures to your shopping list. This makes it even easier to show someone EXACTLY what they need to buy at the store. The paid version also includes the desktop version of the app. It makes it super easy organize everything from your PC or Mac computer. 

If you own an Amazon Echo device, you can pair AnyList with Alexa.  Then you can say something like “Alexa add milk and bread to my shopping list”, and those items magically appear on your list. This works with both the free and paid accounts. After using AnyLIst, you’ll wonder how you survived so long without it.

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