Amazon Prime- It's more than free shipping!

When you hear someone talk about Amazon Prime, your first thought is “I love the free two-day shipping”. Yes, getting Amazon products shipped to your door in two days is a nice perk, but did you know as a Prime subscriber you also have access to many other perks? There are way too many to list, so here are a few of my favorites.

Prime Video – As a Prime member, you have full access to Amazon’s streaming video service. There are many TV shows, movies, and original content to watch. Amazon’s original show “Transparency” has won several Emmys. You can watch these shows on your TV or mobile device.

Prime Reading- Amazon gives Prime members access to thousands of books, magazines, and audiobooks for free.  If you are a heavy reader and don’t need the latest titles, this a perfect place for you.  And you can read these on any device that supports the Kindle App.

Prime Music- You also have access to a couple thousand songs to listen to whenever you want. If you want access to a larger library, you can get a discounted price to the “Amazon Unlimited” music service.

Unlimited Photo Storage- Prime members also have unlimited cloud storage for their photos. A simple download of their program on your computer will automatically back up your precious moments to the cloud.

Alexa Deals- Every day Amazon has Prime deals strictly for their Echo/Alexa customers. All you need to do is say “Alexa, what are today’s Prime deals?”

Free Twitch Games- With Amazon’s recent purchase of the gaming giant Twitch, members can watch any of the Twitch channels for free. Twitch also has 5 different games each month that you can play for free. Game on!

Amazon Prime memberships are currently $119

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